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Friday Five 18-December-2020

(This is a scheduled post, the thefridayfive LJ did not have this week's questions yet at time of writing)

These questions are from F.riday5.com.

1. Who made you laugh most this year?

2. In what ways was 2020 better than 2019?
Due to the pandemic, and the requirement for people to always wear a face mask, I've been able to scale down on a lot of my make up, and also, I didn't get sick as many times as I did before!

3. What was the best movie or TV series you saw in 2020?
Erm... I don't think I saw any movies this year! I guess I watched a bit of The Crown some time earlier this year, but it didn't catch on to me so I never actually finished the first season...

4. What was your favorite food discovery of 2020?
This year was overall a tame year, we didn't do much adventuring. I remember I was super impressed with a street-food sandwich I had in Danang (back in January)... Vietnamese Sandwich, I think they are called banh-mi? It was... DELICIOUS! I should have gone and had another one before I left Danang... Another good thing I had was a proper "western" French toast just 2 weeks ago at a Company Christmas Party. The Hong Kong style "French Toast" is very heavy and has a kabazillion calories... it's still good, but I find it really heavy. I had that western style French toast that was really nice! Light, simple, and yummy!

5. What’s something nice you purchased for yourself or received as a gift in 2020?
I guess, the new iPhone 12 Pro and the Frenchie case?

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