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Friday Five 10-September-2021

First, questions from thefridayfive

1. What are your top 5 favourite foods?
I like apples.
I like a good baked Pangasio fillet fish, with a little salt and pepper and baked with tomatoes and potatoes.
Roast chicken is nice.
It's rare, but whenever we come across Ice Plant in the market, I definitely get it. It's delicious in a salad as it's already slightly salted.
I really love carb, any kind of carb, but I'm minimizing carb (not avoiding, just minimizing).

2. Is there something similar between them?
Nah. Simply I like them.

3. Can you cook them yourself?
Don't need to cook apples.
Yes, I can bake my own fish fillet.
No, I can't roast my own chicken. I know the theory behind it, I just have never done it myself. Also, carving the chicken is going to be a sight to see.
It's just a salad with Ice plant and tossed in a bit of dressing, should be easy enough. I don't find Ice plants frequent enough to be able to practice on them.
I can bake a bread if I need to.

4. Pick one, and tell us why it is so special.
For the fish dish, whenever the parents go on holiday to Europe, that's what I could cook for myself. Everything in tin foil, bake, and then food is ready to eat, yummy!

5. Have you eaten your recommended servings of 2 fruit and 5 vegetables today?
Yes. Tonight was exactly that - Pangasios fillet with tomatoes and bell peppers. Yum. And then Dad brought out the melon and home grown papaya. I don't eat papaya, so they left me extra serving of melon.

Followed by questions from F.riday5.com.

1. When are you the tortoise, and when are you the hare?
Well, it depends on the workload. I'm kind of a "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" kind of person. The more work I have, the more ass busting I do, the more like the hare I am. When there's not much work, then I can do my tasks slowly.

2. When are you the grasshopper, and when are you the ants?
I have no idea what story this question is alluding to, but I'd hazard a guess. I'm usually more ant and grasshopper. I absolutely can work with other people and can toil away at work well enough.

3. When were you the lion, and when were you the mouse?
I think I have a faint memory of the story but I can't say I know exactly, so can't relate to the question.

4. Are you more like the town mouse or the country mouse?
I used to think I'm more a city/town mouse as I live in a pretty advanced city, but the last few times I went to China and some other places and then I realize that Macau is so backwards, I might have been just a good old country mouse going out to visit the city.

5. Which fable told in your childhood has resonated with you through the years?
To be honest... I have no idea. Not about resonating at least. But every once in a while I think about that story where that statue of a prince asks the bird to take his jewel ornaments to help who-and-who, and then take his gemstone eyes, and then peck away at his gold-or-precious-stone "flesh" (he's a statue) but then, it seems like nobody around me knows this story. So where did I learn of it from?
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